19th November 2021

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began Prime Movers’ number one focus has been providing a safe environment for Instructors and members.  We have worked closely with the State Health Department and followed all recommendations, thereby allowing us to be kept safe.

It is because of this focus on safety, Prime Movers has the strong support of every Instructor and member in getting vaccinated.  Prime Movers as a community understand that the sooner we get vaccinated the sooner we can safely get back to a normal way of life.

Prime Movers expectation would be all Instructors and members receive their first vaccination by Thursday 13 January 2022. 

Vaccination exemptions will apply for those with valid medical reasons.

If we wish to live within a community, we need to be mindful and conform with the recommendations given by governments to keep us safe and enjoy our lives to the fullest!

When the state borders open, Prime Movers will as always, take direction from the State Health Department regarding COVID-19.


Pauline Whitby


2021 Calendar

$20 Annual Membership Fee.

$3 per class. Visitors $5 per class.

Prime Movers do not break for school holidays during the year. 

All classes for the year of 2021 will finish on Friday, 10th December 2021. 

2022 classes will recommence on Monday, 31st January 2022.